Personal Training

Personal Training is not only for the rich and famous. It is for all of us who want to benefit even more from our exercise time, see results sooner, and have more fun in the process. Everyone can use a coach, a motivator, an educator and a partner in their efforts to stay consistent with their exercise and see results – personal training, whether one-on-one, with a friend/partner or in small groups, provides all of this and more.

Trainers will work to design a personal exercise program tailored to you and your goals, experience, and ability. Training clients often meet with their trainers twice per week while exercising on their own on other days, however, you may meet with your trainer more or less often, depending on your goals, schedule, etc. Obviously, your success still relies very much on your own commitment to consistent exercise and proper eating. The time you spend with your trainer is only a piece of the puzzle but we’ll help you put those pieces together to create a true picture of health and vitality.

Whether you are new to exercise or simply need to rejuvenate your current routine, personal training is for you and we’re here to help.

Personal Fitness Program

The Personal Fitness Program (PFP) is the FREE initial orientation for new members. In two one-hour sessions, it is our goal to make you comfortable with every aspect of the facility. We will introduce you to the great variety of equipment available at Health Unlimited, discuss the details of Cardiovascular/Aerobic Exercise and the many benefits of Strength Training. During these sessions, you will be able to get on the equipment, get comfortable with it and actually go through portions of your workout plan, so come prepared to exercise a little. When completed, your Personal Fitness Program will be an exercise plan based on your personal goals, needs, and current fitness level.


Tune-ups are short 15-30 minute appointments for those members who are at a plateau and need a change in their exercise routine. If you are consistent with your workout, this could occur every 10-12 weeks. Contact the trainer who started your initial workout. Tune–ups are free to members.

Personal Training Programs

We offer many different options when it comes to personal training to both members and nonmembers. You may purchase personal training by the session or in a 5 session package for a discount. Personal Training session s run 50-55 minutes and Express Sessions last 25-30 minutes.

Contact Dan at 301-829-9730 or for additional info.