Building Your Workout Plan

You don’t need to be a fitness expert to workout like one. Building your exercise plan requires no prior knowledge about fitness and takes less than 5-minutes. You tell us the results you’re looking for, the frequency and length of your workouts and we’ll do the rest.

The Strength TestKiosk_Hi_Res

With the help of our fitness staff you will complete ActivTrax’s 5-exercise test. This gives Activtrax all the information needed to tell you how much weight to use for any exercise on any piece of equipment available at Health Unlimited.

History & Experience

After the strength test you complete a survey about your fitness experience. This allows ActivTrax to prescribe exercises with the appropriate level of difficulty (i.e free weights, circuit equipments, dumbbells).


We understand that we’re all unique, that’s why ActivTrax allows you to fine tune your workouts or restrict exercises because of injuries or simply because of your likes and dislikes.

What Makes ActiveTrax Different?

ActivTrax’s patented and proven technology makes it the only program that prescribes the weight you need to lift based on the equipment we have here at Health Unlimited. Other programs only tell you what exercises to do. ActivTrax relies on your performance feedback so that your fitness program can adapt and challenge you with each and every workout.

Understanding The ActivTrax Workout Cycle


Simply print your workout right at Health Unlimited’s ActivTrax kiosk. The workout includes all the details you need to easily navigate your workout such as: the exercises to perform, the equipment to use, the weight to set, the reps to perform, the rest to take, and more.


The form is designed to serve as your fitness blueprint and guide you through your workout. As you complete each exercise, you record the reps you actually performed. In addition to Health Unlimited’s fitness staff being available to demonstrate any new exercises you can also print exercise instructions or view ActivTrax video tutorials for each exercise right at the kiosk.


After you’ve completed your workout, you enter your results online. Those results are used to make the necessary adjustments to your future workouts ensuring that you continue moving forward.

Building Your Weight Management & Nutrition Plan

A fitness plan isn’t complete without proper nutrition. In fact, some experts suggest that a balanced diet represents as much as 80% of the battle in losing weight.

ActivTrax helps you navigate your pantry and the crowded isles of your grocery store to find the foods that are right for you. ActivTrax’s nutrition engine becomes your personal dietician and designs a program that’s based on your goals, tastes and level of activity.


You tell ActivTrax your desired weight and they will tell you how to get there. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or both, ActivTrax will create a plan that’s right for you.


Even the best nutritional plan is useless if it isn’t built around the foods you like to eat. Tell us what you like, tell us what you don’t like, even make substitutions or change your mind. ActivTrax has the flexibility to ensure that the foods you need to be eating are the ones you enjoy.

Activity Level

Telling us about your activity level and lifestyle allows ActivTrax to make the appropriate recommendations for you. Whether you’re an avid exerciser or live a less active lifestyle, ActivTrax automatically makes the necessary adjustments to ensure you maintain the appropriate calorie balance to achieve your goals.

Providing The Tools You Need

Eating shouldn’t be complicated. We want you to save your energy for your workouts. ActivTrax makes proper nutrition as easy as pointing and clicking. Your meal plan is ready immediately after creating your profile.

Grocery Lists

It’s nearly impossible to stick with a meal plan if the right foods aren’t in your pantry. ActivTrax generates a complete grocery list to make shopping easy and ensures that you have what you need to stick with your plan.

Search_Menus_Hi-ResFood Journaling

The ActivTrax system not only suggests what you should be eating, but also allows you to record foods you eat that aren’t on your recommended meal plan. By doing so, ActivTrax provides you a complete picture of whether or not your on target towards reaching your desired weight.

Integrating Exercise & Nutrition

The secret to successful weight management is to find the right balance of the calories you take in with the calories you burn. ActivTrax calculates the calories you require by coordinating both your exercise and your nutritional needs.

Feedback & The Total Picture

ActivTrax gives you all the guidance & instruction you need to succeed with your exercise and nutrition plan. But even the best plans aren’t enough without accountability. ActivTrax provides that accountability through our extensive, real-time dashboard. Our dashboard allows you to visualize your progress even before your results hit your mirror or your scale.

Only Health Unlimited members have access to ActivTrax so stop by Health Unlimited today to learn more about it.