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Caught Being Healthy

Caught Being Healthy

We Continue Our Caught Being Health Program With a Special Comeback Edition!
Caught Being Healthy – The Comeback Edition

Our Caught Being Healthy program has been a way for us to recognize members who have reached goals or achieved accomplishments that we felt were worthy of attention. Members can nominate other members for this recognition and the member being recognized receives a t-shirt and a “shout out” in our e-newsletter.

  Judy F., has been so excited to be back in the pool: 
During the shut down, I had become very lazy. I knew that Health Unlimited would be safe to return to because our safety is the utmost importance to Dan & the staff. It has been wonderful getting back to the pool and seeing friends. I water walk and am excited the water classes have returned.  I feel very safe. Staff is constantly cleaning. I like that there are cleaning supplies outside the private showers & anti-germ coverings on the door handles.
It is WONDERFUL getting back to Health Unlimited!”


Pratyusha B. is back caring for herself at HU: 
“Working out is my form of self-care, and it was important for both my physical and mental health that I come back.  Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect, or whether it was even a good idea to go. But HU has gone above and beyond to keep everybody as safe as possible. The staff are are constantly, and I mean constantly, cleaning equipment, which has been spaced apart. There’s also hand sanitizer and wipes everywhere, and new air purifiers. Even the members are doing their part by cleaning up after themselves and maintaining social distance. I’m really grateful to be able to work out without feeling like I’m taking a huge risk. It’s great to be back!

Do you have a friend or family member who has reached a health or fitness goal that you would like Health Unlimited to recognize?

Nominate them below for our “Caught Being Healthy”  program.  If we choose them we will contact them and confirm they would like to be a part of the program and then we will recognize their accomplishment on our website and your friend will receive a coveted “Caught Being Healthy” t-shirt.

What kind of accomplishments are we looking for?
It can really be anything that was important to the person.

  • Completing their first Marathon or even their first 5K
  • Setting a world record in lifting or just personal best
  • Losing 30 pounds or just that last 5 pounds that they were working so hard for.

See below for just a few of the great Caught Being Healthy stories we have heard so far.

Nominate Someone Below:

Caught Being Healthy Nomination Form

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