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HU is High Tech Clean

HU is High Tech Clean

We've always been good at keeping our club clean but now.. we're killing it!

The health and well being of our club members and staff has always been important to us. Many years ago, long before they became more widely used, we installed powerful UV light disinfecting units on our pool pump systems to create a potent partner to the usual disinfecting aspects of chlorine to create the safest pool environment possible. Now, we’ve done something similar for the entire facility by adding the latest technology for the treatment of indoor spaces – airPHX.

Throughout the facility, we have installed three airPHX units that will continuously clean the air and surfaces of the club, disrupting pathogens at the cellular level and creating a highly clean and healthy environment. These units combat viruses (like that causing COVID-19), bacteria, and mold continuously throughout the day and night. We are very excited to be able to provide this level of disinfection and sanitation to Health Unlimited!

In combination with the other actions below, we believe we can create a club environment to which our members and staff can feel comfortable returning:

  • Wide-spread commercial grade disinfectants and wipes for equipment cleaning
  • Added hand sanitizing stations throughout club (although hand washing is still the preferred method for keeping your hands clean)
  • Increased and consistent cleaning by all staff
  • Members should clean their equipment before and after each use
  • “Clean” and “Dirty” racks in group exercise and circuit rooms to delineate clean/dirty exercise accessories like dumbbells, tubing, etc.
  • Certain items have been removed from the fitness floor and class rooms altogether
  • Members will be required to bring their own mats to exercise classes
  • Staff will be wearing masks – members will not be required to wear masks while exercising but are encouraged to wear them into and out of the building
  • You will also see our front desk staff behind some clear partitions in our effort to maintain their health and comfort levels in that high-traffic location
  • Staff forehead temperatures will be checked each day, for signs of fever, before they begin work

Initially reduced, hours, amenities, programs, and classes will be gradually phased in and expanded over time as we adapt to these new procedures, manage traffic flow in the facility and observe customer demand

We want to thank everyone in advance for your patience and understanding during this unique time and for your cooperation and support in following these protocols and doing your best to help us all keep Health Unlimited the fun and safe place it has always been!


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