Health Unlimited Family Fitness & Aquatic Center

Group Exercise Schedule

schedule June 2021

Introducing Virtual Classes at Health Unlimited:

  • Select classes are being simulcast virtually via the MINDBODY website. These classes will be listed directly underneath each other on the schedule.You can sign up for the in-person class (1 day before) or the virtual class (1 week before).
  • If you sign up for the virtual class, you will get an email 30 minutes before class starts with the link to the live feed of the class. You can watch the class on any device with an internet connection but we recommend using a computer or another device with a large screen.
  • If you choose to take the class in person, the camera will be focused on the instructor but you may be in the shot. This stream is not open to the public and will not be recorded by Health Unlimited.

Couple of helpful notes about Our Classes:

You must wear a mask into and out of Health Unlimited. Masks should only be removed once class has started. Please continue to wear them when setting up or tearing down equipment.    

We recommend registering online but registration can also be done in person and over the phone 301-829-9730.

You can sign up for in-person classes the day before and can only sign up for one class per day.  Virtual classes can be registered for 1-week in advance and do not count against your 1 class a day limit.

The class is free to members but no shows for in-person classes will be charged $5.  Participants have until 1 hour before the class to cancel their spot and avoid the $5 charge.

All classes will have a waiting list.  Add you name to the waiting list to increase your chances of getting in the class.  You will be emailed if a spot opens up and you can add yourself to the class.

Please supply your own exercise mat (we will be selling a limited number of mats – $30 including tax)

Please stay home if you don’t feel well or have been around someone who is ill

For the health and comfort of all, Health Unlimited asks that members and guests refrain from using fragrances such as perfumes, colognes and similar scented products while visiting the club.

How to Register Online

1) Check out the schedule below and click “Member Sign Up” on the class you want to sign up for.  Remember only classes that are available will have a Member Signup Button.  Classes that are further than a day away will not be available.  
2) Either “Sign In” or “Create a Profile”
3) Check out.

You can also register via mobile device – Download the MindBody App from ITunes or Google Play