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30 and Over League Schedule

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Team  Wins Losses
Western MD Dad Bods (3 Seed)  3 2
LLA (5 Seed)  1 4
Techies (4 Seed)  3 2
 Ballers (2 Seed)  3 2
This is 30 (1 Seed)  4 1
JoeBri  1 4


Week 1 October 16th
7:00pm JoeBri vs. This is 30
8:00pm Techies vs. Western MD Dad Bod
9:00pm Ballers vs. LLA

Week 2 October 23rd
7:00pm This is 30 vs. Western MD Dad Bod
8:00pm JoeBri vs. Ballers
9:00pm LLA vs. Techies

Week 3 October 30th
7:00pm This is 30 vs. Ballers
8:00pm JoeBri vs. Techies
9:00pm LLA vs. Western MD Dad Bod

Week 4 November 6th
7:00pm Western MD Dad Bod vs. JoeBri
8:00pm Techies vs. Ballers
9:00pm This is 30 vs. LLA

Week 5 November 13th
7:00pm Ballers vs. Western MD Dad Bod
8:00pm This is 30 vs. Techies
9:00pm LLA vs. JoeBri

Playoff Schedule

November 20th
Game 1 7:30pm 6 Seed (JoeBri) vs. 3 Seed (Western MD Dad Bod) 
Game 2 8:30pm 5 Seed (LLA) vs. 4 Seed (Techies) 

Monday, November 25th
Game 3 7:30pm Winner of Game 1 vs. 2 Seed (Ballers)
Game 4 8:30pm Winner of Game 2 vs. 1 Seed (This is 30) 

No Games November 27th

Championship Game December 4th

8:00pm Winner of Game 3 vs. Winner of Game 4

Team Name                                           Captain
Ballers                                                      Patrick Donegan

LLA                                                            Randy Jump   
JoeBri                                                       Brien Penn  
Western MD Dad Bod                              Steve Grabowsky
Techies                                                     Michael Cholewczynski
This is 30                                                  Blake MacDonald