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Spring Basketball 2019 Schedule

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Team Name   Team Captain Wins Losses
Bob Ross in the Paint     Aaron Neuberger    1 2
LLA Randy Jump   1  2
Techies   Mike Cholewczynski  0 2
Ballers   Danny Beach  0 2
MONSTARS  Blake MacDonald  1 1
Thank U, Next    Chris Felton     3  0
 Treyway     Tony Caraballo  3  0
Week 1 March 6th  
7:00pm Techies vs. LLA
9:00pm Bob Ross in the Paint vs. Thank U, Next
Bye Ballers

Week 2 March 13th   
7:00pm LLA vs. Thank U, Next
8:00pm MONSTARS vs. Ballers
9:00pm TREYWAY vs. Bob Ross in the Paint
Bye Techies

Week 3 March 20th
7:00pm Thank U, Next vs. Techies
8:00pm TREYWAY vs. LLA
9:00pm Ballers vs. BOB ROSS IN THE PAINT

Week 4 March 27th  
7:00pm Thank U, Next vs. MONSTARS
8:00pm Ballers vs. TREYWAY
9:00pm Bob Ross in the Paint vs. Techies

Week 5 April 3rd  
7:00pm MONSTARS vs. Techies
8:00pm Thank U, Next vs. Ballers
9:00pm LLA vs.  Bob Ross in the Paint

Week 6 April 10th
7:00pm Techies vs. TREYWAY
8:00pm Ballers vs. LLA
9:00pm Bob Ross in the Paint vs. MONSTARS
Bye Thank U, Next

Week 7 April 17th   
7:00pm LLA vs.  MONSTARS
8:00pm TREYWAY vs. Thank U, Next
9:00pm Techies vs. Ballers
Bye Bob Ross in the Paint

Playoffs Week 1 April 24th  
7:00pm Game 1 2 Seed vs. 7 Seed
8:00pm Game 2 3 Seed vs. 6 Seed
9:00pm Game 3 4 Seed vs. 5 Seed

Playoffs Week May 1st  
7:30pm Game 4 Winner of Game 1 vs. Winner of Game 2
8:30pm Game 5 Winner of Game 3 vs. 1 Seed

May 8th Championship
Winner of Game 4 vs. Winner of Game 5