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What’s Happening at Health Unlimited?

Club Temporarily Closed

Club Temporarily Closed

We will see you all inside soon. Outdoor Group Fitness classes now available 7 days a week.

To our members and staff:

We have gone from a vibrant, active, fun place to be, to a complete stop in one day. This unprecedented event will eventually pass and we will be back to utilizing the club again. However, it may be some time before that happens. Please stay healthy and safe during this trying time.
Since we are now closed, there will be no automatic monthly dues billing that would’ve occurred on April 2nd. Future monthly charges will cease until such time as we are able to open. We will advise everyone when this happens.
With all customer accounts frozen, the club will have no income while we are closed. For our employees, it is our intention to utilize reserves to pay wages to as many employees as possible, for as long as we are able. We will advise employees directly as to how we intend to do that.
While we have always maintained the club cleanliness and increased cleaning during the most recent weeks, we will undertake a complete cleaning of the club and equipment prior to re-opening. We hope that is soon but we can only wait on state government to make that decision.
We have no idea how long we may be closed but, like you, we are hoping this is not a lengthy situation. We will keep you abreast of our status and look forward to greeting everyone at the club again soon. Stay healthy, follow the government guidelines and do all you can to stop the spread of this virus.
Thank you!
Dan Strayton
Owner/General Manager

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We are opening soon!

Details will be sent out in our e-newsletter.  If you haven’t been receiving that, contact us at and we will make sure you are on the list.

Thank You