Noncompetitive Team/Clinics  – Spring into Summer Training

For those swimmers who have advanced passed our “Be a Swimmer” swim lesson program and are looking to continue swimming we offer a number of options.  Swimmers can choose to join one of our swim clinics or our noncompetitive team.

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Swim Clinic

Health Unlimited Team coaches will be coaching weekend swim clinics designed to master the basic mechanics of all 4 strokes, and build endurance for longer swim practices in an atmosphere that is supportive and motivating. It is a short-term commitment with each session set at 6 weeks in length.

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Spring into Summer Training

Spring Into Summer Training is a program geared for those swimmers getting ready to participate on a summer swim team. Session dates: March 25th – May 23rd.

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Teen Fitness Swimming

This is designed for teen swimmers (ages 13-17yrs) who are looking to continue swimming into the fall and winter, as well as for those gearing up for the high school swim season.

HU Coaching Staff:

The Hurricanes coaching staff consists of USS and ASCA certified coaches dedicated to developing each individual athlete to his/her maximum potential in a motivating and fun team environment.

Coaches Kathy Capron, Karen Heinz, Michele Firlie, Sheila Marino, Brooke St. Martin

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