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I Lost It at the Club!

January 18th – February 28th 

FREE Weight Loss Incentive Program Taking You Back to High School to See Your Healthiest Future

Choose 1 of 4 Teams to Join (each captained by a personal trainer):   

How do you know which team to join?  You can sign up for whichever decade you would like but we recommend picking the decade you graduated high school (or the closest one).

Each week you will get an email from your team captain specially curated for the decade you chose.  Emails will include retro fitness tips, crazy retro diet recommendations, pop culture memories plus much more from your most formative years.

In addition to kitschy memories your emails will include:

  • Fitness Tip
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Recipe of the Week
  • Nutrition Tip

The team that earns the most average points will win a retro prize!

The top 2-point earners on each team will also win a special prize

Last Day to Sign Up Friday, January 24th by Noon